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Making Scout Trooper Boots (Standard and Unicycle-Friendly)

Robert Appleton shows how to apply white vinyl to existing footwear to create Scout Trooper boots. He uses hiking boots for the standard Trooper version, and a pair of Airwalks for Brian’s unicycle-friendly Scout boots.

The flat soul of the airwalks are way better to use than the soul of a hiking boot when you are riding a unicycle

(We’re having an armour building party soon, so there will be another video about constructing the full suit)

Plastic paint on the white soul should allow me to color match the white strip under the vinyl to the souls of the standard souls


DIY Mannequin Construction

using easily available products, like foam, PVC pieces, and lots of duct tape, Aidan shows a really cost effective way to display your Star Wars costume with a cheap alternative to costly mannequins


Maintaining Your Armour (Storm Trooper)

Robert Appleton discusses some of his tricks used for polishing up his armour before he goes to events. He also shows the signs of wear and tear you need to look out for. The main thing to remember is to look for weaknesses in your costume before you need to put it on.

A good piece of advice: Check out your costume well enough in advance of your event in case you need to order/fabricate replacement parts

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